Lone Star Outdoors Show

Ted Lyon with Cable Smith, the host of the Lone Star Outdoors Show.

Ted Lyon with Cable Smith, the host of the Lone Star Outdoors Show.

Lone Star Outdoors Show

Interview with Ted Lyon, hosted by Cable Smith

This past weekend, Ted Lyon was featured on the Lone Star Outdoors Show hosted by Cable Smith to discuss The Real Wolf and what American sportsmen can do in the future to prevent wolves from causing further damage. 

The podcast can be streamed or downloaded and is labeled "Episode 244" on the Lone Star Outdoors Show. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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3 Wolves Killed in Sawtooth Valley

Article by Greg Moore | mtexpress.com

Three wolves were killed this month by a government trapper due to a depredation incident on a ranch in the Sawtooth Valley, and trapping may continue as the result of additional incidents that have occurred since then.

Todd Grimm, Idaho director for Wildlife Services, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said wolves killed a calf on a ranch near Fisher Creek on June 29, and the wolves were killed between July 1 and July 11. He said the first and third wolves killed were caught in traps and the second was shot [...]

Clarifying the media claims of French farmers being able to more easily kill wolves

Article by Wolf Education International | wolfeducationinternational.com

Recently one media report made certain claims about new rules that regulate the ability of livestock owners and farmers to kill wolves that are attacking livestock and/or destroying private property. Among the issues discussed were:

1. “Under new rules, a farmer can legally kill a wolf, even in zones where it is officially protected, if it is attacking livestock.” 

2. “A recent regulation stipulating that a maximum of 24 wolves may be killed over a twelve month period, remains in place.” 

3. “They [wolves] are thought to have killed more than 6000 animals in 2013, according to Ecology Ministry figures.” [...]