The Making of a Mexico-to-Canada Wolf Corridor — Part 2

The Making of a Mexico-to-Canada Wolf Corridor — Part 2

Article by W.R. McAfee

The South­west is the area where Cana­dian and Mex­i­can wolves mostly likely will meet and cross­breed. Accord­ing to USFWS doc­u­ments, the Mex­i­can wolf’s inbreed­ing con­tributes to small lit­ter sizes and low pup-survival rates. Cross-breeding with the non-native Cana­dian wolves would “solve” the Mex­i­can wolf’s gene pool prob­lem.  Call it a “nonessen­tial exper­i­men­tal Mex­i­can wolf sub­species.” Or call it what it is—a big­ger cross­bred  “Mex­i­can” gray wolf.

Matt Cronin, a Uni­ver­sity of Alaska, Fair­banks and research pro­fes­sor of ani­mal genet­ics, addressed USFWS offi­cials at their Pub­lic Hear­ing Con­cern­ing Mex­i­can Wolves in Ari­zona on Decem­ber 3, 2013 [...]

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